Episode 52 - Maximiliano Ulloa York

Maximiliano Ulloa York is a paraplegic jiu jitsu competitor and runs the International Jiu Jitsu without Limitations Federation and Para Jiu jitsu magazine.

Episode 51 - Shaun Escoffery + George Asprey - The Lion Kings

Shaun Escoffery and George Asprey star in the London production of The Lion King musical. Shaun is a BJJ black belt and George is a blue belt.

Episode 50 - Simon Yeo

Simon Yeo is a 15th degree Bujinkan Ninjutsu black belt and a Roger Gracie BJJ black belt.

Episode 49 - Arlans Siqueira

Arlans Siqueira is a BJJ black belt and the first person to teach BJJ in the UK.

Episode 48 - Ben Whybrow - The Judo Physio

Ben Whybrow is a musculoskeletal, sports & music physiotherapist. Squad physio for Comberton Judo Club and a judo black belt.

Episode 47 - Brian Jacks

Brian Jacks is an Olympic judo medalist and multiple time Superstars champion.

Episode 46 - Jon Hegan

Jon Hegan is a BJJ, Judo and Krav Maga black belt and former Marines Commando.

Episode 45 - Romeo Carlo Pagulayan

I chat with Romeo about entrepreneurship, design, grip, diet, cryptocurrencies, driverless cars, competition mindset and much more.

Episode 44 - Gareth Riddy

Gareth Riddy is the author of "How to Undo the Shit the Modern World Does to Us", a personal trainer and physical therapist.


Episode 43 - Marc Walder

Marc is a Mauricio Gomes black belt and one of the first people in the UK to train BJJ.

Episode 42 - Andrew Marshall 2: The Revenge

Andrew Marshall is a Strength and Conditioning coach.

Episode 41 - Dean Amasinger

Dean Amasinger is a former professional MMA fighter, TUF contestant and a world renowned sports performance coach.