The Raspberry Ape Grappling Program

After years of teaching just one Nogi grappling class at Mill Hill BJJ, in January 2016 I founded the Raspberry Ape Grappling program, a dedicated and complete full time Nogi grappling program. It’s been designed to complement a Gi Jiu Jitsu program as well as function as a stand alone Nogi system for those who don't train in the Gi.

I use a very focused, structured approach to learning and I believe that if you want to truly implant something into your memory it must be repeated over time and cannot be rushed. The curriculum breaks down into 4-6 week long cycles where a position is deconstructed and dissected over a extended period of time. After a cycle is completed, every student has been immersed in that position for enough time that they are able to truly scratch beneath the surface of the principles and concepts involved, leading to a deeper and more permanently instilled understanding.    

The program heavily features position specific sparring. Numerous academies will teach a technique and then throw students into free sparring where they are rarely able to get to the position needed to practice newly learnt techniques. 


I believe that it’s vitally important to practice new techniques against resisting opponents as soon as possible after learning them to further ingrain the techniques into your memory. In my grappling program we start in positions that allow everyone to be able to practice that days’ and weeks’ techniques. There is also a heavy competition element to the Raspberry Ape Grappling program. Whilst there is no pressure for anyone to compete, for many of the students, competition is the goal. It is a great way to test your ability and techniques in the rawest form. Mill Hill BJJ has for many years been known as one of the country’s leading competition teams with countless national team trophies. The Nogi program has only helped to reinforce this reputation. The competition based ethos means that whilst the gym has a friendly and fun atmosphere, training is also taken seriously with everyone looking to improve themselves and others around them. 


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